Who are Bryan G Bishop Funeral Directors?

IT IS difficult to talk about dying, but sooner or later almost every one of us will suffer bereavement – and with it grief.
Bryan G Bishop are long established, traditional funeral directors and provide a full 24 hour service for callouts and removals, together with the personal service of a funeral director, from taking your initial instructions, until all the arrangements have been completed.

 Three Generations and 75 years of Experience

 Totally Family owned and operated

 Choice of three Qualified Funeral Directors - all family (one female director)

 24 Hour Personal Service

 Private Chapel of Rest and Family Room

 Golden Charter Prepaid Funeral Plans


Our brochure which includes information which may be useful to you if you have lost a loved one. Our brochure includes advice, useful contacts and answers to questions we are frequently asked.

Click Here to download.


These words from Bishop Charles Henry Brent may offer some comfort to those who have experienced bereavement and could form the basis for the funeral service reading.
I am standing on the sea shore. A ship sails and spreads her white sails to the morning breeze and starts for the ocean. She is an object of beauty and I stand watching her till at last she fades on the horizon, and someone at my side says: ‘She is gone.’ Gone where? Gone from my sight, that is all; she is just as large in the masts, hull and spars as she was when I saw her, and just as able to bear her load of living freight to its destination.
The diminished size and total loss of sight is in me, not her; and just at the moment when someone at my side says; ‘She’s gone’ there are others who are watching her coming and other voices take up a glad shout, ‘There she comes’, and that is dying.
Bishop Charles Henry Brent (1862-1929)