Finding the Right Funeral


Our standard funeral includes a high quality oak veneer coffin, with lining and brassed fittings, including handles, wreath holders, crucifix (if requested) and engraved name plate. Clothing for the deceased is provided in the form of a gown / shroud, with a choice of colours, or the family may prefer to supply personal clothing, as appropriate.

We provide a tasteful Chapel of Rest, for viewing purposes, together with a homely family room.

When preparing the funeral arrangements we will help and advise on all aspects as required and deal with the medical certificates and official documentation, with the exception of the registration of death, which should be carried out by the next of kin, a close family member, or an executor.

We will, of course, make arrangements with the Church / Clergy / Crematorium / Cemetery authorities, on your behalf.

On the day of the funeral a chauffeur driven hearse is provided, together with funeral director and bearers etc.


Optional extras include :

        Chauffeur driven limousine(s)/following car(s) 
        Printed order of service / Newspaper Notices
        Quality floral tributes
        Removal and free safe storage of existing headstones/memorials


Traditional Funerals




Non-Religious Funerals




Floral Tributes

Flowers are traditionally the most silent but visible sign of your emotion and respect. We can take care of this, if required, or you can, of course, make your own arrangements. 

Newspaper Notices

It is often customary to place an announcement in the local or national newspaper. This serves two useful objectives. To make sure that anyone wishing to attend the funeral is able to, by informing relatives and friends of the appointed time and place. Secondly, to reduce the chance of an embarrassing encounter with an uninformed friend or neighbour.

Order of Service sheets

Order of Service sheets are produced ‘in house’ and a choice of colour and design is available. Please ask for samples.

Cremated Remains

At the time of making funeral arrangements, it is not always easy to realise the emotional benefit that is gained after the funeral by having somewhere to go, a place that you and your family can go back to, knowing that a loved one’s remains are there.


If donations are requested, in lieu of flowers, we will accept and detail on your behalf and forward them in due course – normally around one month after the funeral service.

New Graves

We have a limited number of loan vases available should you require one please enquire. The loan will be for a maximum of six months, or until the memorial has been fitted if supplied by ourselves.